About me

I have always enjoyed helping people and am passionate about babies and children.
Me and my babies
I have had five children who were born in 1987, 1990, 1999, 2004 and 2006.

I have had the pleasure and experience of being both a young mum and an older mum and have enjoyed and continue to enjoy it all.

Bringing up each of my children has brought its own challenges and each one has brought an entirely different experience.

I love being a mother and I still feel it is my biggest achievement. I’ve dedicated my life to my children and the rewards continue to be amazing. I’m proud to say I have a very supportive husband and I lucky enough to have family and friends who have encouraged me to find my way – and new babies are where my heart is!

My experience of having babies

When my first baby was born all control was taken out of my hands and I felt bullied into having an epidural which I felt delayed the birth.

I was made to feel too scared to pick my baby up for the following hours after the birth; so with my second baby I decided to remain in control and had a much better and completely drug free birth, even though he was back on back.

By the time it came to the births of my last three babies my body had it down to a fine art; they were all two hours 38 minutes with the eight minutes being the second stage and all drug free. My youngest two children were born at home and with my last I also had a physiological third stage.

My family

One of my sons is disabled, so I have spent most of my years looking after him, but he has now attended and done well at college and with a supportive family I have been able to pursue my ambitions.
Me and my baby
My third child, as a baby, cried day and night but with the experience of having previous children I knew this would not last forever and so still did manage to enjoy his early days very much. He has gone on to become a hard working student and is preparing for his GCSEs.

The youngest two are a delight and they have reached the ages where they have become very independent and last but by no means least I’m proud to say my eldest is a primary teacher and was married last year.

Sallie Shelley