I truly struck gold having Sallie as my doula. Her commitment, compassion and absolute wisdom saw me through one of the most beautiful and challenging times of my life. I simply could not have done it without her support — I am so grateful that Sallie stayed with me for more than 22 hours in the hospital during an intense labour, and gave me her unique magical blend of positivity, excitement and calmness, which helped me attain a peaceful and graceful birth.
Sam H.

The best money I ever spent!
Adam S.

It was great getting support from someone who is understanding and easy to approach. M.
“Sallie made a hugely positive difference to us during Lucian’s birth at Kingston hospital. It was really great to have her calm, reassuring presence throughout what was, at times, a rather disconcerting experience for us as first time parents. We’d definitely recommend her”.

I deliberated for some time about whether or not to have a doula but in the end, even though I had to have an emergency c-section, Sallie was invaluable during the labour that preceeded it. She stayed with me during the operation when my husband felt too queasy! I would definitely have Sallie again for baby #2. She’s extremely calm and encouraging.
Billi S.

When our twins were born we arranged for a maternity nurse to stay with us to help us through the initial first few days. She suggested we have a night nanny twice a week for a month or so to help us, so it was through our maternity nurse that we were introduced to Sallie.

I was initially reluctant to go down this route as I wasn’t sure whether this was something we needed. I was also unsure as to whether I would be able to totally rest and switch off knowing that a ‘stranger’ was in my house at night looking after my babies. However, within minutes of speaking to Sallie I felt reassured and from her very first night with us we viewed her as part of our family and very much looked forward to Sallie’s arrival each week.

We found having Sallie as our night nanny extremely valuable for many reasons. Not only did she give us a much needed night off to recharge but I knew that twice a week I had full access to an experienced professional who was able to answer my questions and provide advice, suggestions, encouragement and support. On a couple of occasions we arranged for Sallie to arrive early so she could help me with some breast feeding problems I was experiencing. As our twins settled she also helped us get them through the night by weaning them off their 11pm and 3am feeds.

Sallie is professional and discrete with a loving, caring, nurturing and sensible approach to what she does.

Sallie was very supportive, came to the house at the beginning, in the car to hospital, helped me with contractions and dealing with midwife at hospital gave me loads of encouragement, ran bath after birth and waited until I was on ward before leaving – she was great!
Elizabeth B.