Post natal doula

As your postnatal Doula I aim to encourage you to find your own way as a new parent, whether it is your first baby or your fourth.

I am with you to give information and to support and to encourage you to trust your instincts.

Some parents have found just knowing someone is coming in or is on the end of the phone extremely reassuring. My role within your household may vary depending on your requirements. It may be that I come in and look after your baby while you take a shower or grab a nap or even eat a meal in peace! It may also lighten the load for Dad, in that if he knows someone is coming he can then pop to the shops or do a few jobs.

It’s also found that an outside presence can have a calming effect not just the baby but all of you – as mum is full of raging hormones, Dad or Grandparents are also very close so they will also be worrying about baby and mum. Someone calm and relaxed and used to dealing with new born babies can help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It is widely accepted that having a doula can also help you to cope with and in some cases avoid postnatal depression.

I can also help with information on sibling rivalry or sibling over-love. I can entertain your older child whilst you spend time with your newborn or look after your newborn while you spend time with your older child. I am very flexible – I typically work more hours the first week and gradually reduce the hours over the weeks to enable you to cope on your own.